Press Statement March 2023

The current level of public interest in gender recognition reform has led to an ongoing negative narrative about our work, including a consistent misrepresentation of LGBT Youth Scotland online.


We would like to address this misinformation as follows:


  • In December 2022, we became aware of an article containing historic allegations involving LGBT Youth Scotland. We immediately reported this to Police Scotland and they contacted the individual making the allegations. Following their enquiries, Police Scotland confirmed that there was no criminal activity to investigate relating to LGBT Youth Scotland or our staff and volunteers.  
  • For clarity, and contrary to commentary online, there is not, and has not been, a police investigation in relation to recent allegations in the media into LGBT Youth Scotland or any members of our staff or volunteer team.
  • For good practice, and in line with our internal policies, we also conducted an internal investigation into the allegations and all safeguarding processes conducted at the time of the allegations. We found no evidence of a lack of safeguarding.
  • A complaint was made to OSCR, the Charity Regulator, in October last year concerning our signposting of young people to the charity, Mermaids. OSCR did not uphold this complaint and did not find any safeguarding concerns. A copy of their decision is available on request. We have also consistently and proactively updated OSCR on the historic allegations above. 


We want to reassure you that we are continuing to deliver all of our services as normal and that the wellbeing and safeguarding of young people is our highest priority. We are confident in our safeguarding policy and that we have robust practices in place, that are regularly reviewed and adapted in line with any legislative or policy changes.