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As part of our Pride month celebrations, we asked our friends from all walks of life to share what Pride means to them.


Every year for Pride month, we want to shout out and celebrate all the amazing things the LGBTQ+ community have brought to the table throughout history and across different societies and cultures around the world.


We spoke with Lucinda Broadbent, executive producer, director and facilitator at media co-op about what Pride means to her and her workplace – the creators of our 2024 #ProudBecause animations.

What does Pride mean to you and why is it important to celebrate and support the LGBTQ+ community?

I love the day; the streets are ours! Queer people like me are around all the time of course, but to be so visible and so safe, it’s such a kick.

How does supporting the LGBTQ+ community align with your organisation’s values and mission?

At co-op, it helps that we have always had queer members; but we’re all based on equality, it’s one of the co-operative principles. We own our company equally between all the workers, and we all share values, so LGBTQ solidarity is an integral part of the picture for us.  

What advice would you give to other organisation looking to improve their LGBTQ+ inclusion efforts?

My advice would be to get over your embarrassment. It’s better to risk saying the wrong thing than to stay silent and risk making LGBTQ people feel excluded.

media co-op is a not-for-profit, women-led digital agency based in Glasgow. The team pride themselves in being driven by ethics, not profits and work with the public sector, charities, social enterprises, and co-operatives to create award-winning media production.

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