Volunteers Week 2024

Young People May Be The Heart, But Volunteers Are The Lifeblood Of LGBTYS; For A Few Hours Every Week, They Give Young People A Safe Space To Be Themselves. They Encourage Them To See What Their F

We are thankful for each volunteer we have.    Young people may be the heart, but volunteers are the lifeblood of LGBTYS; for a few hours every week, they give young people a safe space to be themselves. They encourage them to see what their futures could look like and help them get there. One […]

Empowering LGBTQ+ Young People through Creativity and Art

A poster that says protect trans youth

In the heart of Scotland’s Forth Valley, a vibrant collaboration with Creative Stirling is igniting positive change in the lives of LGBTQ+ young people by providing a space for them to try new things, meet new people and share their lived experiences, all whilst influencing change within their community.   In October 2022, we launched our […]

Pixel Power: LGBTQ+ Young People Leading the Cyber Charge

two pixelated aliens

Imagine a world where cyber security education is not just about rules and regulations but a canvas for creativity and self-expression. Well, in January 2024, that vision came to life when LGBT Youth Scotland teamed up with Creative Stirling and Cyber Security Scotland. Together, we set out to empower LGBTQ+ young people with the digital […]

21 years of Scotland’s LGBT History Month

NEWS History Month 1030x689

Ali Kerr, our Head of Partnerships, shares her reflections on LGBT History Month Let’s get this out the way at the start; I am getting old. Stairs are getting harder and the 80’s feel fairly recent. Which should make LGBT History Month right up my street, and yet until a few years ago I didn’t […]

(Un)seen & (Un)heard Voices


‘(Un)seen, (Un)heard’ Communications Officer, Chloe Gardner, shares her excitement at the launch of our first national exhibition on 15th February. This LGBT history month, we are launching our first (Un)Seen, (Un)Heard exhibition, showcasing the stories of some of Scotland’s young LGBTQ+ people. In the UK, LGBT History Month was created to claim LGBTQ+ past, celebrate […]

My journey from East to West

young woman waving pride flag

My name is Maria; I have a cat called Basil; My background is in acting and performing arts and I am Portuguese. This is how I start my sign-ups with every young person at LGBT Youth Scotland. When we meet, we don’t know each other and that can be a daunting feeling. It was with […]

A Very Brief Overview of my time at LGBT Youth Scotland 2000-2023

smiling person wearing pride lanyard

Wow, having a brief to write about my time at LGBT Youth Scotland since starting in 2000 is quite a task. How to put into words the changes as an organisation, the political landscape, the impact for young people, the development of skills and learning for professionals in less than 600 words!     So here […]

A Proud View of the Past

picture of woman

Growing up in Scotland in the 70s and 80s, Pride wasn’t a thing. I mean there was literally no pride allowed. Pride was a thing that ‘came before a fall’ and was frowned upon in a culture which celebrated humility, very much disapproved of loud or proud and all but denied LGBT identities existed. It wasn’t just […]