James Blair



Why do you want to make Scotland the best place for LGBTQ+ young people to flourish and thrive?

Because Scotland is a great country to live in, and we should be a country where LGBTQ+ young people can flourish, live, and love. 

What is your experience?

I am gay man with a husband and two children. I have lived experience of being a young gay person at school, university and employment. this allows me to advocate for change as a community leader and father. I currently work as the equalities engagement lead in Midlothian Council’s education department. I was formerly a civil servant specialising in equalities projects across government. I led the then First Minister’s human rights report and set up self-directed support and ILF Scotland for disabled people. 

What do you do for fun?

I read lots of non fiction, a history buff. With my family we love to travel, cooking eating and trips out!

What mattered most to you when you were a young person? 

Positive role models and advocates. My school was affected by section 2a. this meant that as a young gay person, I did not have the same rights as my fellow classmates when it came to health, emotional learning and wellbeing. You could not mention the h word… homosexual.