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We are Scotland’s national charity for LGBTQ+ young people, aged 13-25. We support young people in all aspects of their lives through the provision of amazing youth work, and we support them to use their voice to create change in equality and human rights.


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Eden Court’s Queer Youth Arts Collective is an online creative space for Highland-based LGBTI+ young people aged 13 to 18. We meet once a week on Zoom to come together as community, create, and connect. We aim to build a welcoming and inclusive space that queer and questioning young people and allies can make their own. Each week we try different art forms with the support of guest artists from all over Scotland.

More information about QYAC can be found here:

Sessions will be on Thursdays from 7pm-8.45pm on Zoom and we start next week on Thursday 25th April.

For more information and to sign up please direct people to

Lucy McGlennon

Izzy At Stall 1

Our Tayside team had a lovely time helping to organise and deliver a Spring Pride Tea Party and Dundee and Angus college last week. There were loads of fun activities including puppet making, mocktails, hair braids and a photobooth! We had lots of lovely visitors to our stall to chat about the work we do, leave feedback on the event and grab some pride themed goodies!


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I am the volunteer manager at LGBTYS and I had the pleasure of visiting some of our Youth Groups in March.

The purpose of my visits was to see how groups run now, to see if our training needs any tweaks, to see how Young People/Staff/Volunteers interact with each other, and, more importantly, to spend time with as many folks as I could.

My travels took me across the country to 7 different groups and a YC, and here is what I learned:

At GLOW, I saw a great exhibit and listened to the Young People answer questions from the Q&A.
At All Sorts of Spectrum, Dinosaurs and Biscuits are appropriate topics.
At Triangle, There is an amazing amount of history in Scotland, some funny (to my American ears) words, and I feel bad for anyone who was on my team.
At Standout, I learned about D&D and Consent from a Young Person led session and also a new word… GLIMMER for positive triggers.
At Vada, I started a debate on where the top of a street is (seems there is no right answer) and learned the fairy godmother from Shrek has some persuasive arguments for how the UK could be better. I am still not sure who would have won the election.. Princess Leia gave her a run for her money.
At Phoenix, I learned there is still no BOBA (apparently, what they have at the college is rubbish) and that Yu-Gi-Oh is not really a game, I understand, but a starter pack might help.
At Involved, I watched a flag for Trans Pride come together and had some great chats.
Lastly, I attended meetings at Parliament with our Trans Rights Youth Commission, and I was impressed with this group’s confidence and how they presented their collective thoughts to our elected officials.

These visits were really helpful for me to see that our groups run pretty much the same way they did when I was a volunteer and continue to provide a Safe Space for Young People to be themselves.

THANK YOU to our teams for doing what you do to make Young People feel safe, supported and making me feel so welcome!

Daniel B-A


On the 7th and the 28th of March, Forth Valley young people attended a Ceramics taster session at Creative Stirling venue. Hannah (MacKintosh), who was the artist leading the workshops, taught the young people about Pottery Throwing, alongside her trusty sidekick Diaz (the dog).

Hannah began the session by demonstrating the process of pottery throwing (which literally involves throwing some clay onto the wheel!). Using the wheels and working in pairs (one of the wheel and the other offering moral support), the young people each created their own bowl. The young people learned every step of the process, from throwing the clay to taking it securely off the wheel (which may be the hardest part due to how delicate the clay is!). Following this, they got to pick the colour of glaze they wanted, and now the bowls are off to the kiln to be fired! One of the young people fed back “I quite liked the texture of the clay, and the way I was able to shape it on the wheel”.

The final creations were brilliant. With it being the young people’s first time they did exceptionally well. Everyone said they would definitely be interested in doing this again in future. Sessions like this provide young people with new creative skills for the future, that can either be used as creative expression, a tool for wellbeing or employment pathway/opportunity.

The Lavender Lives Part 2 project has been providing Forth Valley young people with opportunities to take part in various creative learning workshops. This has had a really positive impact and one of the young people who has attended multiple events fed back “I love trying new things all different creative projects- I wouldn’t be able to access these activities otherwise like due to the cost”.

Hannah (and Diaz) take regular students and classes in The Pottery Studio at Creative Stirling Venue


🏳️‍⚧️ We are celebrating Trans Day of Visibility!

🎨 We’re excited to showcase the incredible creativity of our Forth Valley youth group! During a recent visit to the Glasgow Print Studio, our amazing young people crafted powerful campaign posters advocating for trans rights and spreading messages of trans joy. Their art calls for equality and acceptance.

Here’s one example of the art they’ve created – head to our Instagram and see more of their fabulous creations ✨

Forth Valley Youth Group

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✨ Last night at Kelvin Hall was nothing short of magical! We were thrilled to host an exclusive event showcasing our acclaimed Social History project, (Un)Seen, (Un)Heard, in partnership with the National Library of Scotland.

🎬 Guests were treated to a screening of the our film “Past, Present & Proud” – reminding us all of the resilience and pride within our community.

💖 A huge thank you to everyone who made it along! Together, let’s keep making Scotland a place where all LGBTQ+ young people can flourish and thrive.

🔗 The film is part of our digital exhibition. You can find it under the theme “Across the Generations” here.


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On the 10th and the 17th of March, Forth Valley young people attended a full day screen printing workshop at Glasgow Print Studio. Ros, who was the artist leading the workshops, taught the young people about the screen printing process.

Ros had prepared exposed screens with various text, submitted by the young people, focusing on Trans Joy and Trans Rights. The young people created hand crafted stencils out of news print to creative colourful and creative designs, focusing on the theme of Trans Joy/Rights, and other elements of the LGBTQIA+ community and representations of themselves.

The young people learned the process of mixing colours and working as a team to print their designs using screens. The group were really experimental with their use of colour- using paint brushes and pouring techniques to create flag designs, as well as abstract and gradient backgrounds. One of the young people fed back "I loved printing my art. I loved whenever people made that shocked sound every time people lift up the screen".

The final design were incredible- with visual representations of our young people, their passion for the LGBTQIA+ community, their rights and their creative abilities. When asked why is it important to raise awareness to LGBTQIA+ rights, it was fed back "so people don't forget how much we still need to fight for our rights".

The final works will be converted to digital posters as part of LGBT Youth Scotland's Trans Rights campaign, and a selection of original works will be on show for Lavender Lives Part 2's exhibition as part of Forth Valley Pride.

The Lavender Lives Part 2 project has been providing Forth Valley young people with opportunities to take part in various creative learning workshops. This has had a really positive impact and one of the young people who has attended multiple events fed back "I love trying new things all different creative projects- I wouldn't be able to access these activities otherwise like due to the cost".


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The Borders Involved group loves to mix things up in our sessions, one week we might be discussing healthy relationships or intersectionality, another week we might be making blanket forts or banners for Pride. In February we really did mix it up, by having a baking session – based on the young people’s dietary or sensory needs, one of our amazing volunteers created two recipes respectively containing no eggs, and no gluten. The chocolate chip shortbread (egg free) was amazing, and made from scratch with the efforts of an enthusiastic young person. Taylor, or volunteer, also made a bunch of gluten free cupcakes and brought in a load of icing and sprinkles, which lots of the group used to decorate their cakes. One person decorated 4 cakes and took them home, one each for their family, which was super inclusive. What will we do next…?

Keith Farnish

Exhibition Launch

The young people from GLOW had a fantastic time at the launch event for their new exhibition. (Un)Seen (Un)heard: Celebrating Young LGBTQ+ Voices in Perth is now open in the AK Bell library and will run until 27th March.

At the launch event young people welcomed guests from partner organisations to be the first to experience the exhibition which showcases young LGBTQ+ peoples experiences in Perth through Oral History recordings, an animation video, a photo series called the Object Project and so much more!

We also invite you to contribute to the exhibition through our Q&A box and Queering the map section!

GLOW group (Perth)

Perth Kenneth

Kenneth arrives in Perth!
Kenneth the unicorn (our Dundee groups mascot) has made it safely to Perth and has received a very warm welcome in the AK Bell library where he is stopping off on his way to Perth Museum! He has got up to lots of mischief already!

Community Feed

A tale of two unicorns…..
Our Dundee Allsorts of Spectrum group’s mascot Kenneth is going to be taking a break from attending group to spend some time on display in the new Perth Museum.
This has been a tough decision for the group who will miss him lots but were really keen that Kenneth get to enjoy this wonderful opportunity. Once the exhibition opens the group will be going along to visit him. For Kenneth’s last night at the group until he returns in October we threw him a leaving party and Kenneth surprised the group with a lovely card and a gift – his cousin ‘Wee Kenny’ who he has arranged to come along and attend the group while he is away!



Today is Purple Friday! I spent the afternoon at The Junction (a young people’s service based in Leith) chilling, chatting and crafting! The young people and I ended up creating some zines; cutting out queer magazines and collaging to make something new. Whilst crafting, we chatted about LGBTYS services, youth groups, and of course Purple Friday! Look out – we might even have some new recruits to our youth groups next week!

LGBTYS at The Junction

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