Our LGTQ+ A-Z gives an outline of key terms and labels split into gender and sexuality.    Whether you’re questioning your own identity or here to learn more about our community remember you don’t have to fit a neat label – you can just be you.    If you feel like you need to talk […]

Questioning your gender identity

questioning your gender identity

Work out who you are, and what makes you happy! What is gender identity? Firstly, let’s talk about gender. There are lots of ways to describe gender, but generally it is how you feel in relation to being male, female or non-binary.    Gender identity is your internal sense of your own gender. It might […]

Questioning your sexual orientation

questioning your sexual orientation

Sexuality is a spectrum, it’s personal and it can change What is sexual orientation/ sexuality?  Our sexual orientation or sexuality is who we are attracted or not attracted to.    This can take many shapes and forms. Your sexuality could be about sexual feeling, physical attraction, romantic feeling, or the ways you feel connected to […]