Ending Conversion Practices Bill


In support of the Ending Conversion Practices Bill, we engaged with LGBTQ+ young people to gather their views on the consultation from Scottish Government. Download You may be interested in…

Human Rights Bill Consultation

human rights bill consultation

We spoke to LGBTQ+ young people across Scotland to find out their views on how Scotland can make rights real through the proposed Human Rights Bill.   We welcome the introduction of the bill, and really want to make sure that LGBTQ+ people are specifically included. We called for an LGBTQ+ commissioner to ensure our […]

Transport Debate

transport debate

Our Life in Scotland research found that only 48% of participants felt safe when using public transport, and that this has been steadily reducing since 2012. We sent this briefing to MSPs, highlighting the experiences of LGBTQ+ young people as part of a debate on public transport.  Download You may be interested in…

Supporting Transgender Young People in Schools: Response to Petition

response to petition

A petition was submitted to the Scottish Parliament calling for the removal of the Scottish Government’s Guidance “Supporting transgender young people in schools: guidance for Scottish schools”.    Our vision is that all transgender and non-binary young people be able to flourish and thrive as learners in schools, colleges and universities. Our Life in Scotland […]

Freedom of Information Consultation

freedom of information consultation

The Scottish Government consulted on changes to the Freedom of Information act, and we responded as it could have a big impact on how we operate as a charity. Our consultation response sets out our concerns about the delivery of our services, and how we think this can be fixed.  Download You may be interested […]

LGBTQ+ People’s experiences of alcohol services

LGBTQ+ People's experiences of alcohol services

Our Life in Scotland research found that many young people highlight the importance of alcohol-free space for LGBTQ+ young people. One young person said:    “A queer space without the pressure to drink alcohol would be very valuable for me and my other queer friends because as much as queer club nights can be a […]

LGBT History Month

LGBT History Month

LGBT History Month takes place in February every year and offers the chance to connect and reflect on the past and present of the LGBTQ+ community. The Theme of LGBT History month in 2022 was “Beyond Borders” and we issued a challenge to Scotland to consider our role in ensuring that every country is a […]

LGBTI Equality Manifesto

LGBTI Equality manifesto

This manifesto was co-developed by LGBT Youth Scotland, Stonewall Scotland, Equality Network and Scottish Trans Alliance. It sets out our joint priorities for delivering equality for LGBTQ+ people in the 2021- 2026 parliamentary term. It is further endorsed by our partners at LGBT Health and Wellbeing, LEAP Sports Scotland, Time for Inclusive Education, and iCON UK. […]

LGBTYS Manifesto

LGBTYS manifesto

We spoke with LGBTQ+ young people across Scotland, to find out what they need to change to make Scotland a place where they can flourish and thrive.   We are asking decision makers for these changes to take place within the Parliamentary Term 2021 to 2026 as part of our ambitious vision for an inclusive […]

Gender Recognition Reform: Stage One

GRR stage 1 briefing

We told MSPs that gender recognition reform is important to LGBTQ+ young people. Young people have told us that the process can be dehumanising, and they favour a more straightforward process to make sure that trans and non-binary people can live with dignity and respect.   Download You may be interested in…