The LGBT Charter for Education: Refresh 2023

We are delighted to announce an exciting new refresh for the LGBT Charter for Education!

The charter is in its tenth year, and we have been working incredibly hard to make it even more aligned with the needs of young people in secondary schools, colleges and universities. You may have read the Life in Scotland Education Report which was launched in March 2023 which highlighted 5 major areas of development in LGBTQ+ Education. Alongside these recommendations, we have a wonderful consultation group of teachers from all over Scotland who have been supporting the redevelopment of our LGBT Charter for Education. 

Why should your school find out more about the new refresh?

  • There have been 5445 teachers (in 158 schools) trained since August 2021.
  • We provide specific training using Scottish government’s ‘Supporting Transgender Pupils in Schools’
  • The LGBT Charter for Education will ensure all policies, guidance and practice are aligned with national approaches, Respect For all: A National Approach to Anti-Bullying for Scotland’s Children and Young People and the Equality Act (2010).
  • Build on the fantastic work from the National Approach to LGBT Education in Scotland.

“The training has been very beneficial for my own confidence in approaching/delivering LGBT inclusive content within the classroom. My own understanding of terminology has improved and I feel confident in discussing such terminology with pupils.”

What did education practitioners want to see in the LGBT Charter for Education refresh?

  • LGBTQ+ specific knowledge and terminology
  • Inclusion of Support Trans Pupils In Schools guidance from Scottish Government
  • Advice to staff about the appropriateness of being a role model/ ally/ LGBT Teacher.
  • Ensuring Senior Leadership Team are involved in equalities development
  • Including LGBT Education and equalities in Improvement Plans.
  • Link LGBT Education and equalities with How Good IS Our School / Rights Respecting Schools and the National Discussion.

What did young people want to see in the LGBT Charter for Education refresh?

  • Staff using policies and guidance that are current and take account of LGBTQ+ national policies.
  • Supportive staff who are knowledgeable and create an inclusive ethos.
  • Respectful and inclusive spaces that celebrate LGBTQ+ cultural dates, provide LGBTQ+ groups and safe spaces.
  • Signposting and an inclusive curriculum
  • Staff who take action by recording prejudiced based bullying and behaviours, consult with their learners and put policies into practice

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the redevelopment of the LGBT Charter for Education – LGBTQ+ young people, our Teacher Consultation Group, Education Scotland partners, NASUWT Scotland partner and LGBTYS Staff and Volunteers.

If you would like to find out more about the LGBT Charter for Education please visit our website or contact where one of our friendly and supportive Education Team members will get back to you. 

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