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The Trans, Non-Binary & Questioning Guide: Now Available

We are working to make Scotland the best place for LGBTI young people to thrive and flourish. As part of this vision, we are pleased to announce the launch of our new Coming Out Guide for young people aged 13-25 who are Trans, Non-Binary or questioning their gender identity.

We know that coming out isn’t always easy and this guide is a resource to support young people on their journey.

Updated for today’s young people, the guide has been co-written with them and our staff and covers a range of topics including:

• Questioning your gender identity
• How to come out in a way that is safe for you
• Exploring gender expression
• Gender Dysphoria and Gender Euphoria
• The rights of trans, non-binary and questioning young people

  • “I wish I’d known that questioning your identity is something perfectly okay to do, everyone has the right to do it and that it’s alright to find that the conclusion you come to is personal and not part of a set of boxes defined by others”

The Coming Out Guide provides tips, advice and signposting for young people and features quotes from young contributors sharing their lives experience as trans and non-binary people. The key messages are: 

  • You are not alone. Lots of other young people are feeling the same way you are.
  • It’s OK to be unsure, and to take time to reflect and work out what feels right. You might identify in different ways at different times, and that’s OK.
  • Coming out is a personal journey: you can tell people that you are trans, non-binary or questioning in a way that is right for you.
  • Your journey with gender expression and identity is unique to you. There’s no right or wrong way to be trans, non-binary or questioning. Young people in the guide give their own ideas about what has worked for them.
  • “Self-acceptance is so scary and so important, and it can take so long, but the end result is the more freeing and happy feeling. I’m so proud to be non-binary and I can’t wait for my first Pride where I can wave my flag and feel accepted by everyone around me”.

You can access the digital version of the guide here.
An accessible easy-read version is available here.

Important notice - updated: 6.12.22

LGBT Youth Scotland are aware of the current statutory inquiry being conducted by the Charity Commission into governance at Mermaids UK. We fully support any investigation into charity governance.

Our priority continues to be supporting LGBTI young people to flourish and thrive. This reference to Mermaids, currently operating as a registered charity regulated by the charity commission, forms part of our supportive resources for young people, and we will not be removing this reference whilst the inquiry is ongoing.

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