Updating your school or college

How to change your name and gender on education records

You can tell your teachers and classmates that you want to use a different name, without changing it on your official school record. 


If you do want the school to change your name or gender officially, you can write to the school to ask them to do this. 


A letter, an email or any other form of written communication is fine. We have created a template  for you. If you’re under 16, you’ll need your parents or carers help to do this.

All schools in Scotland use a database called SEEMiS where they hold all of your information. The data held by SEEMiS is owned by the local authority and may be shared for council business, for example for your electoral registration. 


Although changes to your gender or name are not specifically flagged to local authorities they will hold this data along with all other information on SEEMiS. 


Under data protection legislation schools should inform trans young people and their families that any changes made to SEEMiS will be recognised by the local authority. Schools do not need to take any additional action, the changes will appear automatically.

Changing your names and gender on school administration systems does not affect your SQA number, and the SQA does not require any proof of change. 


It’s your school’s responsibility to update the SQA by updating your candidate record. You can ask them if they’ve done this if you’re not sure. More information can be found on the SQA website.

Colleges, like schools and universities, should follow guidance which says anyone has the right to request a change of name whether you have an official document or not. 


Some colleges such as Glasgow College may be able to support you with the cost of changing your name permanently. You should get in touch with your college to ask about this.

Click on the links below to find out how to change your name at your university. If your university isn’t listed, visit their website or contact your student support services.


To change your name, title and gender with SAAS you will need to fill out a form and supply one of the following forms of evidence:


  • Birth Certificate (including amended birth certificate)
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Gender Recognition Certificate 
  • Statutory Declaration or Deed Poll
  • Passport in your new name
  • Drivers licence in your new name
  • Letter from your doctor, solicitor or other professional who can confirm your title/name change
  • Letter from your college or university
  • Bank statement in your new name

If you’re currently applying to university you will need to fill out a form to change your details on their website. 


For name changes, you will need to attach a clear photo or scanned copy of an official document showing these such as a birth certificate, marriage certificate, driving licence or passport.

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