If you could pick an object that represents your identity in some way, what would you pick? Read some of the stories of objects that are significant to young people and why.

Show and Tell, Beyond Gender, Edinburgh  2024

This is artwork created as part of a show and tell activity with the Beyond Gender group in Edinburgh using Instax cameras to record objects of significance to the young people. You can listen to the group recording from this night in the ‘Community’ section of the exhibition or on soundcloud here.

Assorted Objects 

Loki – Beyond Gender 5th Dec 2023

Drawings and polaroids which represent Loki’s identity and memories

Assorted Objects 

James – Beyond Gender 5th Dec 2023

Drawings of assorted objects that represent James’ identity and memories.

Scarf with Gold Elephants

Blocks – Beyond Gender, 5th Dec 2023

A polaroid of a black scarf with gold elephants along with a description of what it means to Blocks.


Show and Tell, GLOW Group, Perth 2024

Young people from the GLOW youth group in Perth selected the following objects to be part of an exhibition in A K Bell Library in Perth alongside interviews they conducted with each other as part of an oral history project. You can listen to the interviews and view these objects in person from 27th Feb- 27th March 2024. Full details of this exhibition found here

My Binders 

EG, GLOW group, Perth, 2024

Chest Binders are an important tool many people wear in order to combat chest dysphoria. Pictured are the binders I wore in chronological order from the first binder I ever purchased in grey, to the final binder in black that I was given after my top surgery in 2023.



TB, GLOW Group, Perth, 2024

This is BLÅHAJ, a IKEA plush that the queer community has adopted as a mascot. I got them from IKEA a couple days ago and it means so much to me and my partner (they also have a BLÅHAJ of their own).


D&D Dice

IB, GLOW Group, Perth, 2024

These are dice for D&D (Dungeons and Dragons – a table top role playing game), my D&D group is the only other group of queer people I hang out with. There is loads of overlap between the D&D community and the queer community and that’s really cool. I think getting to play as different characters and create your own worlds without transphobia and homophobia is part of it and also there is an overlap with lots of the queer community also being neurodiverse and lots of neurodiverse people enjoying TTRPG (table top role playing games).



AM, GLOW Group, Perth 2024

This object links to my queer identity as this is the mirror my grandmother gave me after I came out and she said if I ever feel uncomfortable with my identity I should look into it to see that I am beautiful however I feel inside

Frog Bag

TJ, GLOW Group, Perth, 2024

This frog bag is the first queer thing I ever bought. I bought it online from a website. The bag folds inside the frog and I got it to support a charity. The pattern involves a pink frog and a blue frog both holding little trans flags. I have had it for about two and a half years


My Beanie

QW, GLOW Group, Perth, 2024

This is my beanie hat. I can’t remember where it came from but for as long as I have been coming to the GLOW group I have worn some kind of beanie hat. It is a bit of a comfort item for me and helps to reduce my anxiety when I have it on. It is a constant so helps me feel less anxious.


My Bag

DD, GLOW Group, Perth 2024

This is my bag, it contains my collection of badges. I like that it shows people that 1. I am gay and 2. I am a massive nerd. I got loads of these badges from pride and the other ones from ComiCon. The rainbow bird was my first pin badge from the first ever Perthshire Pride in 2018

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