Getting a new passport

To change your name and gender on your passport you will need to get some official documents together, and pay passport fees.


If you are over 16, this can be done without parental consent. If you are under 16, your parents will need to sign the letter. 


To help make this process easier, we’ve created a step by step guide.  You can also get some helpful tips from trans people who’ve gone through the process themselves.

Step by Step Guide

To change your name on your passport you will need:


  • An original copy of your deed poll or statutory declaration.
  • Evidence that you are using the new name, such as a payslip, utilities bill or bank statement.
  •  If this is your first passport, you will also need an original birth certificate.


To change you gender on your passport you will need either: 


  • A doctor’s letter stating that your change of gender is likely to be permanent. You can get these from your GP, a gender clinic or a therapist. Your GP is more likely to charge for one of these, but most therapists and gender identity clinics can write them for free.
  • Or a gender recognition certificate.

Visit the online passport service or go to a local post office and fill out forms with them. 


The Post Office offers a check and send service, to double check that your application is good to go. 

If you are applying for your first passport or replacing a lost one, you’ll need some independent people to sign to say that you are who you say you are. 

They can’t be related to you and need to be from the list of approved professions.

Once you’ve filled out the above forms, make sure to send them to the right places. 


For the most part, this will be to HM Passport Office. Since they’re important documents, it might be worth sending them by secure delivery. This can cost around £3 at your local post office.

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