Trans and Non-Binary Coming Out Guide

trans non-binary and questioning coming out guide for young people

Our Trans, non-binary and questioning coming out guide has been created with young people aged between 13-25 who are trans, non-binary or questioning their gender identity.    It might help you, or your friends and family, understand how you are feeling and think about what to do next.    Topics include:  What to do if you’re questioning […]

Updating your school or college

updating your school or college

How to change your name and gender on education records School You can tell your teachers and classmates that you want to use a different name, without changing it on your official school record.    If you do want the school to change your name or gender officially, you can write to the school to […]

Updating Young Scot

updating young scot

To change the name on your Young Scot Card:   Gather proof of your name change such as an original copy of your deed poll or statutory declaration. Get in touch with your local authority and ask them to update your name – contact details can be found on the Young Scot website.   You […]

Updating your health records

updating your health records

Information on how to update your name and gender on your health records Changing Your Name and Gender at the GP Surgery You can change your name, title, or gender with the NHS at any time you like by telling your GP surgery. Most GP surgeries will be able to update your details if you […]

Getting a new passport

getting a new passport

To change your name and gender on your passport you will need to get some official documents together, and pay passport fees.   If you are over 16, this can be done without parental consent. If you are under 16, your parents will need to sign the letter.    To help make this process easier, […]

Updating your bank details

updating your bank details

The process for changing your name will depend on who you bank with.    We’ve included some popular banks below but it’s worth checking your own bank’s website or to find out more. RBS To change your name or title with RBS, you will need to visit your bank. You will need the following handy: […]

Updating HMRC

updating HMRC

Updating your title or name Telling HMRC that you’ve changed your title or name will update your personal records for: Income Tax and National Insurance Tax credits and benefits, including child benefit Other services, including the pension service To change your title or name with HMRC you will need: Supporting documents  – such as a […]

Updating your driving licence

updating your driving license

It does not cost anything to change your title, name or gender on your driving licence. If you want to change your photo at the same time there is a cost.   To change name, gender or title on your driving licence you will need:   Your old driving licence (if you don’t have it, […]

Gender identity clinics

gender identity clinics

If you’re questioning your identity, you might go to a gender identity clinic.  We have created this content with help from some doctors and nurses at some of Scotland’s gender identity clinics. It will help you understand what gender identity clinics are, and learn how to access their services. Your Transition Everyone’s transition journey is different, […]

Getting a Gender Recognition Certificate

getting a gender recognition certificate

Learn more about Gender Recognition Certificates (GRCs) What is a Gender Recognition Certificate A Gender Recognition Certificate is a document that allows trans people to get legal recognition of their gender.   In the UK, you can only change your gender to male or female  – there is no legal way to be recognised as […]